Green Zoo Arts Collective

Look at the animals, birds and humans  
The chase 
The Green Zoo
Although the bars divide us,
No one knows who the audience is here

- Ludmiła Jakubczak, W Zielonym Zoo 


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"The deft musicianship and broad range of styles and moods would be enough to land the album on a list of this year's best local releases--coupled with the narrative, it would definitely be near the top." - Ben Schultz, Boise Weekly

"The Green Zoo is a unique collective of both theater and music. While listening to The Adventures of Johnny Nihilist, one can certainly hear the collective’s passion for both theater and experimentation, through their vast variety of sounds and moods expertly portrayed on this newest installment." - Julia Olson, Northwest Music Scene

"While not perfect, the production [Signal-to-Noise], the first from the newly launched Green Zoo Arts Collective, a collaborative project of Newby's band The Green Zoo, is more than just a strong debut. It's an unusual and compelling piece that shows the next generation of Boise creatives beginning to carve out their own niche" - Josh Gross, Boise Weekly

© Green Zoo Arts Collective LLC, 2016 - Photos by  Rea Anne & Fred Loucks