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Look at the animals, birds and humans  
The chase 
The Green Zoo
Although the bars divide us,
No one knows who the audience is here

- Ludmiła Jakubczak, W Zielonym Zoo 


If This Wind Chime Could Talk
Boise Weekly  -  September 4, 2013

Theater Grows in Boise. New Companies Call the Treasure Valley Home
Idaho Statesman  -  February 8, 2013

Signal-to-Noise is a Loveless Love Story You Can Love
Boise Weekly  -  January 25, 2013



Samantha is new in town, she doesn’t know anybody, she can’t find a decent bass player and on top of that, her new job as a customer service representative to penultimate judgement interviews in the offices of The Great Cosmic Other, totally blows.

Between filling out paperwork and ushering existentially challenged child-murders back and forth all day it’ll be a miracle if she ever gets her album finished. Child Killers is a story of board games, fruit pies, paperwork, good, evil, ancient Aztecs and open-mic nights.


Kyle Daniel Barrow, Brad Doolittle, Sarah Gardner, Fred Loucks, Natalie MacLachlan, Hannah Neubauer, Thomas Newby, Erin Westfall, John Wicks

This show ran March 19-21, 2015, at The Crazy Horse in Downtown Boise.


To fix his crumbling marriage, Larry brings home Mr. Toast; a sentient toaster on the cutting edge of food preparation technology, complete with all the bells and whistles; including existential angst, homicidal jealousy and plenty of gangster rap. 


Annie Berical, Erin Marie Chancer, Rachel Kaufman, Mathew Melton, Thomas Newby, Jeff Young

This show ran Oct 2-4,2014,  at the Muse Building and Oct 5th and 9th, 2014 at the Crux in Downtown Boise.

A night at the zoo

Two one-act plays.
Live music.
Laughter and tears.
Bathtubs and wind chimes.
Existential angst and a pinball machine.


CAMP *solo* 
Marcus Eugene 
Heart Hunter


Thomas Newby, David Ketchum, Frederick Loucks, Miguel Robles Tapia, Jeff Young, David Cowan, Leah Reynolds, Rod Wolfe, Rachel Kaufman, Zack Darbin, Mike Ward, Ricardo Osuna

Poster artwork by Hanne Sharkey

This show ran September 5 - 21, 2013, at the Watercooler in Downtown Boise. 




A play from Thomas Newby.

In an age of instant gratification and with the vague threat of constant surveillance looming over them, two lonely outsiders come together and fall apart. Signal-to-Noise is a love story for those who are reading this, checking their phone and browsing the web all at the same time.


Directed by Fred Loucks, starring Jeff Young and Kylie Jones.

Poster artwork by Lauryn Medeiros

This show ran Jan 25th to Feb 2nd, 2013, at the Watercooler in Downtown Boise. 







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